Approximately eight of every 1,000 births receive a birth injury in the delivery room, and when this happens, the consequences can be devastating. At the Leonard Law Firm we understand the seriousness of these cases and will fight for you and your families future.

The Attorneys at the Leonard Law Firm

The attorneys at the Leonard Law Firm have been helping people in your situation for several years, and they know exactly which resources to call upon to demonstrate that your physician or other healthcare workers were negligent. We fight aggressively for our clients, and we are prepared to fight for you too.

Birth Injuries that Result from Negligence

A birth injury can occur because the baby is very large or small, premature or in an unusual position at birth. They also happen when the mother is in an unusual position during the delivery. As the above-listed difficulties arise, medical professionals may perform the following negligent actions:

  • Over medication of the baby
  • Fail to recognize when the baby is in distress
  • Fail to respond to significant changes in the baby’s heart rate
  • Fail to recognize that the baby is being deprived of oxygen
  • Neglect to perform a necessary caesarean section
  • Fail to conduct a high-risk or delayed delivery in a correct manner
  • Discharge the baby from the hospital before he or she is ready

Sometimes, problems arise because your obstetrician did not diagnose an existing condition or failed to treat the malady during your pregnancy. When this is the case, birth injuries are more likely to occur. This scenario also qualifies as malpractice.

Your baby may have received significant injuries during birth or died during the delivery. You may suspect that it was due to the negligent actions of your healthcare providers before or during the delivery. If so, contact us at the Leonard Law Firm for a consultation today.

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

When medical professionals make errors during the delivery, the following may result:

  • Cerebral palsy that is caused by injury to the brain
  • Hypoxia or oxygen deprivation that causes injury to bodily organs
  • Vacuum pump or forceps injuries that cause nerve damage
  • Erb’s palsy that weakens or paralyzes muscles in the arm
  • Shoulder dystocia that may occur when a very large baby is not delivered by caesarean section
  • Fractures to the head
Find out if your baby was the victim of medical malpractice by contacting the Leonard Law Firm today, Call (602) 419-3201. We will examine your case and determine if you are within your rights to file a complaint against those responsible for your baby’s injuries.